About US

Hello there!
Tinosaur is run by two best friends- Rini and Varun (Rin and Neo) a graphic designer and a web developer.
Our story
Tinosaur has been a dream since we started going to our respective colleges. In the beginning, it was just the two of us telling each other how amazing it’d be to be rich and to work together like most best friends. Then we went for our internships and life got way harder than we could deal with. We no longer had the time to talk or meet or fantasize about building our own company. Whenever we talked (once in a blue moon) We talked about how we have become slaves to the corporate life and that’s when we realized that taking a risk is the only way to escape the monotonous routine. We didn’t want to leave tinosaur just as our favourite fantasy to discuss. we actually started working towards building Tinosaur whenever we got a chance. We graduated and 4 months later here we are after all the hustling – broke but working harder than ever with the satisfaction of giving our best and making Tinosaur our reality.
Since you have read till here, we are sure you care about us and we are thankful for all the love and support.
Rin and Neo